27 February 2024

Darkness at Noon - New German Edition

The original German text of Arthur Koestler's Darkness at Noon (see my last news entry) has just been published by Elsinor Verlag in Coesfeld, Germany, with my introduction and an afterword by the young German scholar who discovered the text, Matthias Wessel. Elsinor published the original German edition of Darkness at Noon as long ago as 1946, but that was a back-translation from a flawed English translation, not the original text, and it will be interesting to see if German critics pick up on that distinction and offer some comparisons. There have been no reviews as yet and I will report on any that appear.

I'm pleased to say that a new English translation is also well under way and will appear sometime next year (2019), for which I will provide a different introduction and some addition background material in the form of appendices. I will report further on its progress closer to publication.